CryptoLogic is a Factom Protocol Authority Node Operator (ANO) that is part of the coalition of companies that provide infrastructure to decentralize the Factom protocol.

We are a team consisting of two IT professionals with broad and extensive experience with deploying and maintaining enterprise servers and solutions.

Our main focus areas are to provide stable Factom Authority Set servers with the best uptime possible, as well as contributing to best practices in relation to network design, server-deployment and maintenance procedures to contribute to the success of the blockchain`s distributed Authority Set.

CryptoLogic is considered an “Infrastructure Authority Node Operator” in the Factom ecosystem, and are operating its servers at at the comparatively high “efficiency” of 70%.

This entails that 70% of the awarded Factom tokens are diverted to the community grant pool and only 30% retained as revenue. 

We are proud of our commitment to continuously support the funding of Factom core development and community projects, and will continue to operate at this high efficiency for the foreseeable future.

As an Factom Authority Node Operator CryptoLogic has “standing” in the Factom Protocol, and is eligible to have its voice heard in community discussions and official protocol votes. We believe it is imperative that the Standing Parties are cognisant about their responsibility to participate in Factom governance, and we are continuously doing an effort to participate in governance in a meaningful manner.